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0004684unrealmodule apipublic2019-07-15 21:03
Reporteruser7720Assigned Toargvx  
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Product Version4.0.3.1 
Fixed in Version5.0.0-alpha1 
Summary0004684: Allow m_nopost core module to 301 permanent redirect to a website
DescriptionInstead of the m_nopost module spitting out "HTTP command from IRC connection (ATTACK?)" to the person's web browser, allow us to configure in the module a website we want the user to be 301 redirected too. I have a port forward for port 443 to redirect to port 6697 SSL on a few servers so people can evade firewalls that block ports. As you can imagine, Google bots and occasional dumb people will put the IRC round robin address in their web browser. I filed this request under here as this is a core module for UnrealIRCd.
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