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0004900unrealircdpublic2019-03-02 14:20
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Summary0004900: Listen blocks should support using options { websockets; };
DescriptionSince we must open a new port for non-SSL web sockets (browsers block 6667) such as 8080 we should be able to restrict that port to web socket connections only using options { websockets; };.
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2017-03-30 20:14

administrator   ~0019726

I understand what you are asking for but could you tell us why you would actually need it?
In what scenario would you need to forbid non-websocket users to a certain port?



2019-03-01 20:40

developer   ~0020523

it could be very useful in case if there is some important notices on-connect, for example from other modules, then it should be possible to avoid disabling them for all ports, using websocket only for specific ports instead.


2019-03-02 09:48

administrator   ~0020524

Yeah, that would be useful.

When I added support for websocket I was "thinking big". Wanted to (eventually) have all UnrealIRCd's support this by default, have websockets enabled on all ports, this so web clients could connect from whatever webchat users wanted to use.

Unfortunately, reality was different. Websockets did not catch on much. Also implementations, like chrome, require disabling client certificates on ports, which rules out having websockets on all ports anyway.

So, yeah, I think we will migrate to the way "ssl" works and make it so "websocket" needs to be specified for a port explicitly.


2019-03-02 09:48

administrator   ~0020525

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Confirmed, but not a must-have target for next release. See previous comment.


2019-03-02 14:20

developer   ~0020526

I actually already wrote a module for exactly this:

Perhaps Syzop may incorporate it into base if he thinks it's useful enough. =]

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