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0005005unrealircdpublic2021-11-01 16:45
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Product Version4.0.13 
Summary0005005: Block or allow access list to the ircd with geoip
DescriptionI would like to suggest a feature that is quite handy in certain situations.
This feature goes beyond the traditional blacklist_block (

The purpose is to be able to prevent or allow access based on country tld.

Should be flexible in order to allow/deny or deny/allow as necessary.

A good example can be given with reference to the nginx httpd.


example: default allow all but deny listed

        geoip_country /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat;
        map $geoip_country_code $allowed_country {
        default yes;
        AE no;
        AF no;
        AL no;
        CN no;

example: default deny all but deny listed

        geoip_country /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat;
        map $geoip_country_code $allowed_country {
        default no;
        CH yes;
        DK yes;
        UK yes;
        NL yes;


Example: configurable options for the conf:

 #Access policy
               Default "deny" # Options are "allow|deny";
 #Exempted country list from default policy
               Exemptions {
                            CH yes; # tld yes|no
                            DK yes;
                            UK yes;
                            NL yes;

Given the chosen default policy, the yes|no exemption could also be simplified without the need of yes|no.
               Exemptions { CH, DK, UK, NL };

Side note: flexibility is important.
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Tagsaccess lists, geoip, ircd, privacy, security
3rd party modules


related to 0004429 acknowledgedsyzop Ideas - Country Name Support 



2017-11-01 10:22

administrator   ~0019940

I like this request, but I'm not working on it at the moment.


2021-11-01 16:45

administrator   ~0022149

GeoIP support is in UnrealIRCd 6. You can for example ban ~country:UK. There's no "ban all except <these countries>" though.

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