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0005108unrealircdpublic2018-09-02 11:25
ReportersyzopAssigned Tosyzop 
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Product Version4.0.18 
Target Version4.2.0Fixed in Version4.2.0 
Summary0005108: plaintext-policy: permit localhost oper/client
DescriptionFor the OPER and client SSL-only restriction, it may be useful to exempt localhost here as well, just like we did for server connections.
This allows things like BOPM/HOPM via localhost while still requiring SSL for non-localhost.
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2018-09-02 11:25

administrator   ~0020244

commit b1b73e0e562664375d772c179d79a96be39f070e (HEAD -> unreal40, origin/unreal40, origin/HEAD)
Author: Bram Matthys <>
Date: Sun Sep 2 11:24:19 2018 +0200

    * Localhost connections are considered secure, so these can be used even
      if you have a plaintext-policy of 'deny' or 'warn'. (This was already
      the case for servers, but now also for users and opers)

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