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0005110unrealircdpublic2018-12-20 15:22
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Product Version4.0.18 
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Summary0005110: Doesn't stop colors/bold/italics/underlines at the end of TKL reasons.

When someone adding mIRC colors/bold/reverse/underlines/italics into the G/Z/K:Line reason it doesn't adding a stop at the end of the reason, in result to display incorrect the results.

(01/Jul/2018 05:10:43) -Irc.testserver.Com- *** G:Line added for on Sun Jul 1 02:10:42 2018 GMT (from westor!westor@NetAdmin.Test.Com to expire at Mon Jul 2 02:10:42 2018 GMT: 4,12test)
(01/Jul/2018 05:10:56) -Irc.testserver.Com- tkl update for'4,12test'/by=westor!westor@NetAdmin.Test.Com/set=1530411042/expire=1530497442 [causedby: Irc.testserver.Com]
(01/Jul/2018 05:11:32) -Irc.testserver.Com- *** G:Line added for on Sun Jul 1 02:11:31 2018 GMT (from westor!westor@NetAdmin.Test.Com to expire at Sun Jul 1 02:11:41 2018 GMT: 4,12test)
(01/Jul/2018 05:11:41) -Irc.testserver.Com- *** Expiring G:Line ( made by westor!westor@NetAdmin.Test.Com (Reason: 4,12test) set 10 seconds ago

- Thanks!
Steps To ReproduceUse from your mIRC: //gline 10s $+($chr(2),$chr(31),$chr(29),$chr(3),4,$chr(44),12,test)
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