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0005115unrealircdpublic2019-02-01 14:41
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Summary0005115: Improve some messages sent by the IRCd
DescriptionFor example: Bender invited him/herself into the channel.
should be: Bender invited themselves into channel #blah

To me the first part "him/herself" for example is what I would say is "bad english", and as it does not say the channel, it is not easy to pinpoint which channel the user was invited to either.
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2018-07-14 09:28

reporter   ~0020189

Additional: Also depending on the IRC Client, that invite message is not always sent to the actual channel window, sometimes they end up on the status/server tab, and with no channel name being shown, its very hard to work out what channel the message comes from.


2018-07-14 16:00

administrator   ~0020190

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Isn't "themselves" plural? ;)

Regarding adding the channel name:
The notice is sent to @#channel, so all chanops of #channel. Clients SHOULD be able to handle that.
The prefixes are advertised via STATUSMSG in 005 (RPL_ISUPPORT). Though, AFAIK, even before 005 existed, @#channel was already implemented and a lot (if not all) of the major IRCd's out there support it.

On one hand (in favor) I don't mind adding the channel name. It's really something small.
On the other hand keeping things short is nice as well, and more important: if we start adding things like this because clients can't cope with quite ordinary things like this then.. where does it stop?

What clients don't show this in the channel window?


2018-07-14 16:26

reporter   ~0020195

This is why I marked it as trivial, But the reason I ask is that I sometimes irc from my real Amiga computer and that irc client doesnt handle messages very well and outputs the majority of them, including the invite messages, onto the status window, so with no channel name being present, you end up with lots of messages with no target, I am as I speak going to try a few other Amiga irc clients out and see how they handle the messages.


2018-07-14 16:38

administrator   ~0020198

Ah okay, should've known :D
So not really commonly used IRC clients, I suppose.


2018-07-14 16:45

reporter   ~0020203

Yeah not common nowadays I suppose sadly D:


2019-02-01 14:41

administrator   ~0020475

Let's keep this as it is.

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