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0005177unrealircdpublic2019-05-10 16:48
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Summary0005177: Add support for /saquit and channel /remove commands
This command would forcibly disconnect a user from the network (instead using /kill), with a quit message like:
"User $nick has been forcibly disconnected from the network by $oper"

This would be a channel command, that would allow channel ops and higher (+oaq) to forcibly remove a user from the channel (instead using /KICK), with a part message like:
"Removed by $(qao): Remove message"

Both commands could have a predefined /saquit & /remove message.
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2019-05-10 16:48

reporter   ~0020653

I personally agree with /SAQUIT but with /REMOVE some clients (at least 2 so far i know) is using that command for removing files, it would be nice if you choose an other name in order to avoid conflicts with them.

AdiIRC + mIRC (both working the same way):

/remove [-b] <filename>
Deletes the specified file.
The -b switch deletes the file and moves it to the recycle bin.

- Thanks!

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