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0005197unrealircdpublic2019-01-27 14:49
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Summary0005197: configure fails to detect openssl
DescriptionWhen using openssl in /opt for example, configure fails to detect it due to missing libraries in it's checking functions (-lrt or -ldl or -lpthread) on Debian, howewer, this seems to be not an issue on Gentoo for some reason.
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2019-01-25 12:13

reporter   ~0020463

same problem if try to install it on clean ubuntu 18.04 , i had to re-install the openssl and then re-configure in order to detect it.


2019-01-27 14:49

administrator   ~0020466

westor: you mean the openssl package? or did you compile openssl from source and put it in /opt (or some other non-standard directory)?
I only ask because the former is likely to be a different issue than the latter.
What error did you get exactly?

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