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0005286unrealircdpublic2019-11-20 23:07
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Summary0005286: Hide bans from non-chanops
DescriptionRequested a few times: ability to hide bans/exempt/invex from non-chansop. Both in the MODE setting and in the querying via MODE.

In the core it would be ugly, but I have a module that does this. Bit of a hack, but it's reasonably clean.
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2019-11-20 23:07

reporter   ~0021116

Honestly, I'm not a fan of this feature. I'm wondering how many IRC clients would break with such feature.

Not to mention that InspIRCd already has something similar, and of you're not chanop or higher you can't see the ban being set which for me is something against "standard" rules.

But, I'm just throwing my thoughts about it in here.


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