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0005286unrealircdpublic2021-12-30 17:15
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Summary0005286: Hide bans from non-chanops
DescriptionRequested a few times: ability to hide bans/exempt/invex from non-chansop. Both in the MODE setting and in the querying via MODE.

In the core it would be ugly, but I have a module that does this. Bit of a hack, but it's reasonably clean.
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3rd party modules



2019-11-20 23:07

reporter   ~0021116

Honestly, I'm not a fan of this feature. I'm wondering how many IRC clients would break with such feature.

Not to mention that InspIRCd already has something similar, and of you're not chanop or higher you can't see the ban being set which for me is something against "standard" rules.

But, I'm just throwing my thoughts about it in here.



2020-01-10 08:40

administrator   ~0021213

Mass umarking of 'assigned' issues that have been lingering (timed out), as it likely means it is not being worked on anymore. Setting back to 'acknowledged'.


2020-02-08 08:55

developer   ~0021289

It's requested by our users and opers. Maybe add a channel mode for enabling this behaviour?


2021-03-17 13:20

administrator   ~0021908

i should probably just port my module from U4 to U5 and upload it as a 3rd party module. Because not really sure if i like this officially.


2021-07-09 07:33

reporter   ~0022097

This feature was recently requested on IRC again.

Probably it wouldn't hurt to have it as a third party module?

Especially since the module already exists and just need porting :P



2021-07-09 08:03

administrator   ~0022098

Yeah sure, I will do so.

When updating the module earlier I noticed that users with message-tags bypassed the filtering so it is more complicated than "just porting" what I thought initially. Still very much doable, though.


2021-12-30 17:15

administrator   ~0022345

In UnrealIRCd 6 the third/hidebans module is now available:
./unrealircd module install third/hidebans
It will hide channel bans from non-ops (people without +hoaq) in MODE changes and hide the ban/invex/exempt lists.

If there are any problems with it, contact me at as this is not an official UnrealIRCd module. For the same reason, it does not receive the same amount of testing as regular UnrealIRCd.

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