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0005336unrealircdpublic2019-09-21 19:26
ReporterGottem Assigned ToGottem  
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Target Version5.0.0-alpha1Fixed in Version5.0.0-alpha3 
Summary0005336: Port m_nick_minlen
DescriptionImpose a minimum require length for nicknames but only for /NICK commands, meaning opers can bypass that shit with SANICK or /os SVSNICK. At least, that's how my module is set up at the moment. :D

Assigned to Syzop cuz:
<~Syzop> also I think m_nick_minlen could be just in the core

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2019-08-18 15:44

administrator   ~0020829

You are allowed to touch the core too :D

You can have a look at the code for nick-length / nick_length, then just copy that to implement min-nick-length :)

Now I must say I don't like nick-length anymore and max-nick-length would be nicer, but... let's not do that... keep it as-is... I can cope with it :D


2019-09-09 20:34

developer   ~0020878

Done. =] I've excluded U:Lines from the limit because otherwise it just might break services if the minimum is set too high. Opers are also exempt because I felt we shouldn't subject them to this particular limit. We could also turn it into some immune:* operpriv instead though. :D


2019-09-21 19:26

administrator   ~0020919

Yup, you did well :D

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