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0005340unrealircdpublic2019-09-09 20:37
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Target Version5.0.0-alpha1 
Summary0005340: Port m_rmtkl
DescriptionI'd swear we had a conversation about it, but I can't actually seem to find it. ;_;

If I remember correctly, the most important bit was:
Currently the format is /rmtkl type user@host [comment] [-skipperm] [-silent]
But Syzop suggested to keep it consistent with gline etc, so /rmtkl user@host type ..........

The 'type' field can be any combination of: K, z, G, Z, s, F and *
These correspond to K:Line, (local) Z:Line, G:Line, Global Z:Line, (global) Shun and (global) Spamfilter (asterisk includes every type besides F)

Also, maybe remove the calls to TKL_DEL hooks since I originally used em there to make sure m_storetkl had an up-to-date DB.
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2019-08-18 15:34

administrator   ~0020825

I will double check some stuff (also due to the crash) and if it's ok this can be closed :)


2019-09-09 20:37

developer   ~0020880

Since you already made changes to the module, I'm assuming your double check is done. :D There's also a separate bug for the rmtkl crash (#5344) so I think we can go ahead and resolve this particular issue. =]

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