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0005413unrealircdpublic2019-10-09 21:05
Reporterwestor Assigned ToGottem  
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Product Version5.0.0-alpha2 
Fixed in Version5.0.0-alpha4 
Summary0005413: Change restrict-commands server notice message into a raw 421

I tried the "restrict-commands" module with "disable" option, it seems that this module when a command is restricted (disabled) then the server is sending a server notice that
saying that this command is restricted, this causing some clients to break.

Something similar like restrict-commands module exists and in other ircds that their method is not to send server notice but 421 raw so the client can determine that this command doesn't exist in result to not taking actions.

It will be nice for restrict-commands to follow this way rather sending a server notice thought because it breaking clients features that working with some irc commands.

- Thanks!
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2019-09-18 19:54

developer   ~0020902

As Syzop also mentioned on IRC, many clients still break even with the raw 421. :D Even so, changing it to that is fine by me. I just went with a simple notice because all the sane clients check what/how the server responds anyways.


2019-09-20 21:18

reporter   ~0020903

I personally like the server notice instead of the raw reply, but clients developers here disagree with me, i had a conversation with 2 of the most updated irc clients these days and they said that for them is the best way to add a raw reply rather a server notice, so it would appreciate if you can change that so they will not start some of the IRC commands progress if they get 421 raw reply.

- Thanks for understanding..


2019-10-09 21:05

developer   ~0020948

I could've sworn I added this as related to my main tracking issue, but I didn't so I kinda lost track of it. My bad, but it's done now. :D

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