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0005465unrealircdpublic2022-05-28 16:29
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Product Version5.0.0-beta1 
Summary0005465: run scripts through shellcheck
DescriptionApparently there is to check shell scripts
Run ours through those... who knows if it catches something.
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2019-12-11 12:32

administrator   ~0021159

Ran it and it comes up with various stuff. It has intense hate against backticks for example (`).
Not something to do last-minute for 5.0.0, though. Usually fixing these things causes breaking other things.. :D


2022-05-27 17:32

administrator   ~0022534

Mentioned by ZarTek-Creole in
It's still a good idea to do this, and to clean things up as well since we have lots of backward-compatible-ugly-looking-shit in ./Config back from when people ran a lot of weird sh variants.

But... not during regular UnrealIRCd 6.x development.


2022-05-28 00:22

reporter   ~0022540

It may be possible to create a separate branch just for that so that we can already work on it and test. I don't think there is any reason for these files to change in future commits to the unreal60_dev branch. This will allow us to move forward without touching anything in the current development while being able to test.


2022-05-28 08:47

administrator   ~0022541

Last edited: 2022-05-28 08:50

(This is getting a bit off-topic...)

Yes, I understand that we can work in parallel with branches, but then the branch needs to be kept up-to-date, eg you need to forward port all 6.x changes to 7.x all the time.
The thing is, nobody is working on UnrealIRCd 7 at the moment, because 6.x is so fresh, we are not "ready" for that yet.
So then just a few changes would sit in 7.x, nobody would test it, and we would have to do forward porting of 6.x changes to 7.x all the time (or not, and then 7.x gets "behind" 6.x, which is even more problematic).

The other alternative is to keep a PR lingering for it for like a year or however long, which just sits there, which nobody else tests, and which needs to be updated on every change in ./Config and and whatever file it touches. That is not good either, in my opinion PR's should only exist for a short while and then be closed. Otherwise it is too frustrating for the person who submitted the PR ("why is this PR being ignored??") and to our/me as well ("oh see, another PR update for something that is not going to happen anytime soon"). And.. yeah.. like I said... on every change of the old file you would have to update the new file again... it is such a waste of time.

So no, I think it is better to "hold off" from this particular work for now, and only do it when we start UnrealIRCd 7 development. The same is true for other "major code cleanups", we do these in the major releases (4.x, 5.x, 6.x) every time, but not in-between because while they clean up things nicely and are necessary to maintain readability they also introduce new bugs.

Projects with more frequent major releases and projects with bigger teams work more in parallel, and that is totally understandable. But that is not the situation for us. For us it would just use too much developer resources (lots of overhead), people would loose "focus" and it would be confusing to everyone (not just coders) to have like a 7.x branch already with almost zero progress.


2022-05-28 15:44

reporter   ~0022542

Thank you for the time to answer with a very clear explanation. I understand what you are saying. I totally agree with you. I know that you have a lot of experience and that you are competent. I take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you do and free to all.
So simply: a big thank you.


2022-05-28 16:29

administrator   ~0022543

Thanks :)

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