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0005506unrealircdpublic2020-01-10 08:42
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Product Version5.0.0 
Summary0005506: Add "except-webirc;" in Blacklist + Restrict-commands + Connthrottle modules

I wanna suggest an except option if it is possible to be added into Blacklist and Restrict-commands and Connthrottle modules especially for webirc NEW USERS, and i am gonna explain why it is very useful that missing right now.

In blacklist module, when a webirc (new user) is trying to connect but matched in that module in a specific DNSBL but that dnsbl is useful, there is not a way right now to except this user instead of /ELINE and this is not 100% correctly because it may not be someone from the admin team online to add it.

In restrict-commands, when you wanna protect your network by restricting some of USERCMDS due connecting right now there is not any option to except webirc new users in result to match them too, so if you add for example JOIN in restrict command on connect for 10s it matches and webirc clients, this could be solved if "exempt-webirc yes;" exists.

In connthrottle, when it is enabled due high proxy attack it will reject and the webirc (new users) to connect too, in this case if "webirc-bypass yes;" under known-users exists would solve it.

- Thanks!
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2020-01-02 16:40

administrator   ~0021193

Dropping as target for 5.0.1, sorry.

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