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0005551unrealircdpublic2020-03-13 13:25
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version19.10
Product Version5.0.2 
Summary0005551: Add Visibility Option for Reputation Value plus maybe auto-moderation channel mode
DescriptionI absolutely love this new reputation module.

I think it would be nice to have options for it to allow IRC Operators to allow users to view their own reputation, and an additional option so that other users can view other people's reputation. With this, Channel Opeartors could potentially write a script to auto-voice users who have a reputation value of X or higher, on a channel that is moderated. This could help channel operators a lot with trolls who think VPN's and TOR's can protect them from mischievous behaviour.

Extending this idea further, maybe a new channel mode which requires you need a minimum reputation of X to be able to speak. For example, mode +e40 requires a rEputation of 40 to be able to speak in the channel regardless of +m or not. Exempt if your voiced or higher, or exempt if you are registered (and the channel is +M)

Extending this idea further, a new user mode +e to stop people from privmsg you unless they have a reputation value at all. This means you have to have been connected for a while before you can suddenly spam users in PM.

I know that there are many other channel protection features available, but one based on reputation I think will be highly valuable, especially with TORs and VPN's becoming so widespread use amongst trolls. I also know that there are dronebl's which can prevent TOR and VPN users from connecting, but then using this affects legitimate people who have a valid reason to be anonymous.
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2020-02-07 11:00

reporter   ~0021288

"to allow IRC Operators to allow users"
you mean opers should give rights to users to let them show their points.. or.. ? :) because that would be madness. i mean, for every single user an oper should set something? i could imagine this as a setting in the conf, or an user flag which users can set (and you could force them as default).

the idea is good though. use the module to prevent not just spam/ads, but to control channels more precise.


2020-03-11 20:14

developer   ~0021364

I find this suggestion useful too. Maybe we should use an extban (or even two, forbid speaking and forbid joining) for this to save channel mode characters.


2020-03-12 19:43

reporter   ~0021365


Sorry I should have made my suggestion more clear :) It would be nice if we had a set::options::show-user-reputation where you could have "ircops" or "all" as options. I didn't mean on a per-user basis.


2020-03-13 13:25

reporter   ~0021367

as k4be also said, this is a nice idea. :) if we could use the reputation info (and it does not mean that users should see everything or anybodies) to make channels even more secure, that would be fine.
if reputation info would be "public", users could make scripts to enhance autovoice and etc based on these numbers. however: if ircd has services, it would be great if this would get support from that side as well.
maybe syzop could get them to support this?:D idk.

although: your suggestion "set::options::show-user-reputation where you could have "ircops" or "all" as options" is fine, but i would make it more usable like - why not let users with a reputation of (example) 1000, to see all users reputation?
so if a user have 1001 rep, that user would see all users rep info. this would cause that this rep info would be limited to users who are almost always there.
btw the limit is optional, should be. so 1000 or 10, or all, or oper only.. idk. just some thoughts on it. :)

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