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0005671unrealircdpublic2020-05-17 18:59
Reporteracidvegas Assigned To 
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Product Version5.0.4 
Summary0005671: Add reputation score settings to channel mode f, b, or e
DescriptionA useful feature would be to add an option to add a reputation score limit to channel modes f, b or e.

For example +b <200 or something to ban anyone with a reputation score of under 200
or +e >200 to allow ban examptions for reputable users after settings +b *!*@*
Could maybe be added to +f in some way.

This would ultimately handle a large sum of bot flooding while allowing "semi" known users to pass through.
Any bot flooding would most likely have a reputation score of 0 I assume.
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2020-05-10 17:27

reporter   ~0021564

there is a ~r extended ban but not a ~R extended ban so maybe +b ~R:200 or +e ~R:200 would be a good route to use this


2020-05-10 22:42

reporter   ~0021565

+e >200 to allow ban examptions for reputable users after settings +b *!*@*
<- i dont agree with that.

usually only opers are using +b *!*@*, cuz they want to make a channel empty, or something like that. allowing users to bypass that because of some reputation is not a good idea. i mean of course opers can remove the users anyway, but still.. for me, that makes no sense. lots of place have ban enforce on by default.. so ppl don't mess with +b *!*@* and tbh its a little bit excessive to use it.
for the flood settings, could be good, could be okay, but i would imagine that you set like +R to a chan, which would make only registered users to join, but for example there if reputation is like something, then they could still join. (which btw make no sense again, cuz ppl with a nice score would register a nick i presume..)
set +m on a channel but still rep ex. +200 could still talk without voice.. but idk. this would just ruin the already written bots and so on. everything would be confused.

for the rep score 0 bots, you could do a restrict-commands section.
like not allow /join immediately, or privmsg, or notice.. etc.. you can restrict all commands and in that section, you can use rep score exception.


2020-05-10 22:43

reporter   ~0021566

btw severity should be feature as this is not a bug, just a request to add a feature.


2020-05-17 18:59

administrator   ~0021580

Just a short note: I am (already) thinking of various ways to do more with reputation, indeed, it still has lots of potential, more than we use today. I will take this sort of suggestions into account as well.

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