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0005675unrealircdpublic2020-05-17 19:19
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Product Version5.0.4 
Summary0005675: rate limit +x/-x
DescriptionBecause such changes can be quite annoying, depending on client- and serversettings. Suggested by Koragg.
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2020-05-17 19:19

reporter   ~0021582

In my honest opinion, if such a rate limit is applied, it should only be applied to -x, that way if someone accidentally -x'es or is tricked into doing so they can easily +x again ASAP, however if +x is also reate limited then there can be a delay before they are able to do so. Plus with only -x being rate limited, you wont be able to +x until you have already -x'ed anyway so that in turn prevents a -x/+x flood as well.

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