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0005789unrealircdpublic2020-11-27 17:17
ReporterKoragg Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version5.0.7 
Summary0005789: Toggle *-with-override ircop privs with dedicated usermode
DescriptionSummary gives the rough idea, usage of *-with-override privs (from hereon refered to as "actual override") should be "toggled" via a dedicated user mode, for example +O (implies oper-only to a degree, and it not in use). The reason why this might be beneficial is that opers with "actual override" can accidentally trigger these with e.g. flood protection scripts, or use them deliberately and blame a script on it afterwards. Setting a usermode like +O should be a conscious effort and thus the abovementioned situations could be avoided better.
Further enhancement would be if the umode sends an SNOTICE (perhaps to EYES snomask +e?) when set and unset (perhaps a config option whether it sends the SNOTICES?).
Also it should be (config-sided) timed how long it is active and then auto-unset (e.g. Charybdis uses 30 minutes for this umode, which is +p on their end, but in use on Unreal).
One difficulty may be limiting this usermode to just the "actual override" opers, although this could be done via a new privilege that would be given by default to all *-with-override opertypes (and none that do not have that in their name).
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2020-11-27 17:16

administrator   ~0021834

I agree to make this an option (not the default), for the people who want to have it this way. It gives more control and.. well.. Koragg wrote it all down :D

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