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0005802unrealircdpublic2021-02-13 20:07
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Summary0005802: Option to limit the number of connections per IP globally
DescriptionCurrently we have the allow::maxperip setting which is server only.

In case of a network with multiple servers, that allows the same user to connect X times per server with the same IP.

An option to define the allow::maxperip globally (perhaps call it allow::global-maxperip) would be great.

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2021-02-13 20:04

administrator   ~0021893

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First of all, I totally agree(?) or at least think it is weird that it is only counted locally. Servers are fast enough nowadays that we can easily check globally.

So, first thing comes to mind is to have 'maxperip' apply globally instead of locally, but.. i think that would cause unintended effects at this moment.
So then, indeed, we would have to add a new config item like global-maxperip.
I also think it would be wise to set a default for this, like make the global maxperip = maxperip * 2 by default.
That should be OK for most networks.
And of course, document this properly in release notes.

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