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0005805unrealircdpublic2021-01-15 13:44
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Product Version5.0.8 
Summary0005805: Allow channels to be exempt from `username parted. Reason: Excess Flood`
DescriptionI have a ascii channel on my network, and people keep getting killed my unrealircd for "Excess Flood" I think a good idea would be to add a way to "exempt" a channel from the flood kill.
Tagsflood, security
3rd party modules



2021-01-13 19:32

reporter   ~0021878

Actually my personally opinion about this suggestion is, a contrib 3rd party module that will allow the server administrator to specify in configuration his preferred channels to be excepted from nofakelag, so every user that is on that channel would have that ability for that channel.

The most common 3rd module example is


nofakelagchannel {
    name "#one";
    name "#two";


2021-01-15 13:44

reporter   ~0021879

We could use this to exempt users as well.

One possible use:

nofakelag {
        exempt "#one,#two";
        exempt "nick1,nick2"; //User must have umode +r (registered)

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