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0005814unrealdocumentationpublic2021-02-06 08:09
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Summary0005814: Rewrite parts of help.conf
DescriptionA while ago I started translating help.conf to Dutch. That translation was unused but it did give me a "fresh look" at HELPOP, seeing things from the end-user perspective.
I think various things can be simplified, and less assumptions about prior knowledge should be made (common mistake), more cross-references, etc.

Also balance the "readability" vs "technically correct" thing that was pointed out here
Mentioning all these exceptions makes it harder to read, which is an issue especially for parts of documentation (such as HELPOP) which is read by end-users (and not only admins of IRC servers).
There could be a middle ground there, with a general statement about bypassing stuff, or tagging items with [*]
Anyway, this is just a side-issue of this bigger item.
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