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0005867unrealircdpublic2021-05-07 10:46
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Summary0005867: Add support for +draft/display-name client tag
DescriptionPR here:

IRCv3 proposal here:

This allows (for example) relay bots to indicate who's message they're relaying in a way that clients can display nicely.
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2021-05-07 10:46

administrator   ~0021954

I will post a more thorough review of how I want to proceed with this in a few weeks. It goes beyond simply allowing a name=value pair like this PR (which is easy to code and easy to add to UnrealIRCd), I see it more as a proof of concept in that sense.
Things like this has consequences in multiple areas... flooding and spam to name two important ones.
In the meantime there should be more reactions on the proposed spec at IRCv3 as well. Then we can see how much interest there is and how people intend to use it.
When I'm positive about it then I will probably take over editing/coding of display-name.c. I don't think this will make it in 5.0.10 but who knows after that.
And just to be clear: at this moment I think we could implement this with some restrictions that don't harm the original idea.

But like I said, will get back to it in a few weeks.

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