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0006002unrealircdpublic2021-11-19 19:30
Reportersrhuston Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSRHELOS Version7
Product Version6.0.0-beta2 
Summary0006002: SPAMFILTER regex fails to match
DescriptionSimilarly to 0005913 I had trouble getting spamfilters to match, including the very example given in the helpop output. I finally tried using the regex ".*come to irc\..+\..+.*" instead of the provided "/come to irc\..+\..+/" and was able to make it work properly. I then edited the regex to make it slightly more complex which also worked. It seems like the PCRE '/.../' delimiters aren't working perhaps? I tried to trace through the code to look more but my C is quite rusty anymore.
Steps To Reproduce* /spamfilter add -regex cN gzline 1d No_advertising_please /come to irc\..+\..+/
* say "come to" in channel
* nothing happens
* /spamfilter add -regex cN gzline 1d No_advertising_please .*come to irc\..+\..+.*
* say "come to" in channel
* B&
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2021-11-18 17:03

administrator   ~0022192

Could not find something quickly in but I may have glanced over it.

Which PCRE2 version are you using? You can tell from the boot screen (eg "./unrealircd configtest")


2021-11-18 18:20

reporter   ~0022193

* PCRE2 10.36 2020-12-04

Looking through config.log I think it was packaged with the git clone? The system version on the machine is pcre-8.32-17.el7.x86_64 so I don't think it linked to that one:



2021-11-19 19:30

administrator   ~0022194

Have not looked at this yet, but, for what its worth, the PCRE2 versions in UnrealIRCd 5 and UnrealIRCd 6 are currently both at 10.36.
It is at 10.36 since March 8 2021, which is 5.0.9.

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