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0006023unrealircdpublic2023-03-21 13:58
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version20.04
Summary0006023: Make rehash command on IRC and command line if possible to be able to take an optional reason
DescriptionCurrently, i use `/globops Rehashing server: <reason>` and then `/rehash`.

Would be nice if we could use something like `/rehash Rehashing server: <reason>`.

Just something that crossed my mind :D
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2021-12-18 22:33

reporter   ~0022251

how would we remotely rehash another server? :o


2021-12-30 02:52

reporter   ~0022325

maybe /rehash could have more optional params?

Syntax: REHASH <servername> [flag]
REHASH -global [flag]
REHASH [flag]

maybe if we use /rehash ":<reason>"; that would rehash the current server's conf with the given reason
if we use /rehash <remoteserver> ":<reason>"; that would rehash the confs on remoteserver with the given reason ?

so checking the command which was given out could solve this request - i presume.


2023-03-21 13:58

reporter   ~0022802

So, when rehashing a local server:
- /rehash -reason REASON

When rehashing remote server:
- /rehash remote.server -reason REASON

When rehashing globally (-global)
- /rehash -global -reason REASON

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