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0006088unrealircdpublic2022-04-13 18:27
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Product Version6.0.3 
Summary0006088: ratbox-based
It is possible to add to u6 ratbox-based, so we can use ratbox-challenge, modern bots from use this to oper UP, limnoria bots also it could be so nice if u6 have this working.
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3rd party modules



2022-04-13 17:59

administrator   ~0022449

Why not just use existing certfp or spkifp? It works great.


2022-04-13 18:27

reporter   ~0022450

Alternatively this can be implemented as a module, though not sure if it can extend oper {} blocks or if it would need its own equivalent to allow configuring the server side key for each oper.

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