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0006107unrealircdpublic2022-05-22 19:16
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Summary0006107: Whois

I've found out that the whois command if you do /whois nick nick il will display information even if you have this:

set {
        whois-details {
                basic { everyone none; self none; oper full; }

It work with /whois nick.

but if i use "/whois nick nick" it will display the whois normally. Is this a bug thing or is normal?

Also, the param:

max-targets-per-command { whois 1; } is not working properly i think since i can do /whois nick nick without problem.
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2022-05-20 12:23

reporter   ~0022490

This is normal because "/whois nick nick" is handled by the server the user with the specified nick is on, and not the local server. Therefore the setting in question needs to be applied to all servers for consistent behaviour across the network.

With regard to targets, the syntax of the whois command is "WHOIS [<server>] <nick>" but supplying a nick in place of server works due to the way the param is handled. The <server> param means "ask the specified server for the WHOIS response and supplying a nick in place of <server> results in asking the server that nick is on. So in both cases the additional nick ISNT counted as a target to begin with.


2022-05-20 12:47

reporter   ~0022491

if (parc > 2)
        if (hunt_server(client, recv_mtags, "WHOIS", 1, parc, parv) != HUNTED_ISME)
        parv[1] = parv[2];

Im so confused.


2022-05-20 12:56

reporter   ~0022492

According to this,

If I use "/WHOIS musk musk" should it give me an error? Since musk is not a server parameter.


2022-05-20 14:09

reporter   ~0022493

I figure it out, it was a pylink user that i was using /whois nick nick. Strange fact if i use /whois nick on the same user (pylink one) whois-details does block, only /whois nick nick show details.


2022-05-22 19:16

administrator   ~0022496

'/whois nick' is handled by the local server (unrealircd)
'/whois nick nick' as Jobe explained, is handled by the target server (pylink in this case)

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