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Summary0006109: Implement WHISPER command
DescriptionThis talk appears once in a while on IRC, about implementing this:

Some say that this could be useful.

Throwing it here so devs can give it some thought and the idea won't get lost in time.

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3rd party modules



2022-05-23 08:16

administrator   ~0022497

I have a whisper module for UnrealIRCd 3.2.x dated 2005 (without fallback to non-ircx).
I am not sure the documentation at is accurate though.
The problem part is the fallback for non-ircx and I remember clearly that on IRCX servers around the year 2000 that "WHISPER #channel User :he sucks" would either end up in channel as a "PRIVMSG #channel :he sucks" or at least displayed exactly like that by mIRC. This would cause quite some abuse and "fun" because then it would look like people would be sending messages in a channel that other people could not see, and you could not see the difference. Combine that with 2 or 3 people doing that you had a whole fake side-conversation, including insults and fights, and channel ops did not seem to react (because they never saw the message)... like I said, it was much fun ;D.
The spec on mdbnet seems to suggest it was the other way around, and that the fallback option was to deliver as private message. The problem with that is that things that were meant to be in-channel suddenly popped up a query window, but that is less abusive.
Anyway, that was more about the history of the thing and the side-effects...

As for "do we want this?"... I don't know. Clearly I never thought it should have been in otherwise I would not have made it a 3rd party module 17 years ago. And now we have "channel-context"?
I would think that, since most other IRCds had no interest in implementing WHISPER in the past, and channel-context being a simple extension of a way we are already engaging (message tags), it is the way to go and not WHISPER?


2022-05-23 10:44

reporter   ~0022508

FWIW: I think the /WHISPER command, if implemented at all, should be a client command (not a server command) which harnesses `channel-context`.
Quick and dirty mIRC script for /WHISPER which uses `channel-context` attached
[09:41:49] [Whisper from testing2] hi there!
[09:41:59] [Whisper to testing2] oh hi!

The reason I think it should be a client command is because it's much easier to determine the active channel when sending whispers like /whisper <nick> <message>

otherwise, I'd be right on this :P
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