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Summary0006227: JSON-RPC : sent a message to a bot to give it an order
Would it be possible to send a message to a bot via the JSON-RPC API?

Here is a useful example:
1) For example, a user sends a PHP request (SQL & INSERT) as a service to report abuse
2) Me (or us admins) deal with abuse (on a PHP page)
3) But now I would like when the INSERT is done (from step 1) as soon as the insert is successful this php page would send a PRIVMSG to a NodeJS robot such as: PRIVMSG Sysop ABUS from:<Account1> for:<Account2> id:<id_inserted>
The robot would then send a private message in real time to the specific ircops an alert in private message telling them that an abuse has just been posted between FROM and TO and with the url containing the id directly and here is the request for abuse would be dealt with directly.

You have to be honest but I don't receive any notification there currently and I don't immediately think of going to the php page to moderate abuse. If only there was something that alerts in real time like api-rpc that would be great.

There are only about 7 to 10 abuse requests per day (the abuse button is very discreet so that it is only used by people who have a good level of intelligence so as not to be inundated.

If this command cannot be created on json-rpc There would be another quick trick to implement, here is an example:
1) Create a sql table named: "irc_commands_to_execute" and I put 2 columns id|cmd
2) The nodejs robot (ircop) it recovers via a select and once a minute everything that is there in this sql table and it directly sends the command received
3) and in php I just put the message hard in sql, example: privmsg Sysop ABUS from:<Account1> for:<Account2> id:<id_insered>
or directly the processing of the "ABUS" command to send the message directly to the ircops concerned with the url.

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