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0006286unrealircdpublic2023-06-21 03:14
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Summary0006286: Incorperate usermode +g (callerid) into the upstream version
DescriptionThe usermode +g is a well known user-mode on a lot of irc networks and has been a single missing feature from unreal for a long time.

As it stands right now, you can block all pms, or only allow it from regged or ssl users. There is no way to block pms, but still get a notification in the status window about people trying to pm.

This is a great method to prevent PM spamming and will also allow people to still use the private messaging system on the irc server without restrictions.

I know this is a 3rd party module, but I do believe it should be in the main modules list, being such a spam control preventing addon.
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