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0006305unrealircdpublic2023-09-09 11:25
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Summary0006305: big kline list
DescriptionAnother thing I'm thinking is using a list (8200 ips) I found to just gzline the scanners. I don't know how I could gzline them, and even then... listing that would probably be a pain. I know there are some filters but I can imagine having a special type "file" for that would probably help not list them in that situation. Of course, the searching through the glines with a filter should also show if it's in a file.
I currently have all those ip in a blacklist I made bouncing daily happily along... thinking on making those permanent...
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2023-09-09 11:23

administrator   ~0023024

UnrealIRCd is very fast with *LINES placed on *@IP. In previous tests you could have 100,000 or even 1 million of these and it could handle thousands of checks per second for these. This is because they use a hash table.

So I am a bit reluctant to add MUCH SLOWER ways of doing such checks, especially file I/O. No, I don't think that is a good idea.

So the only way this would be accepted is if they are read from a file and then added to kline/gline list. Then they could be volatile, as in each REHASH they get deleted + readded again. Still, I don't think that is all that great either. And it is just duplicating functionality that we have already.


2023-09-09 11:25

reporter   ~0023026

Ok, I'll do a bot to manually read the file and mass add/remove them.

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