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0006318unrealircdpublic2023-07-24 22:36
Reporterwestid Assigned Tosyzop  
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Platformunrealircd Versionnever checked
Product Version6.1.1.1 
Summary0006318: an easy addition to operoverride or sacmds
Descriptionon a newly created channel, the basic modes set by the server are sacred +nt

an operator can remove +n from a channel, and then speak inside it. that would be ridiculous though, just to send a message into the channel

i'm suggesting the capability of an operator [and admin of course] to send messages to inside the channel, thus overriding +n but at the same time keeping it in place where it already applies to all users outside of the channel

although i understand that an operator could simply join the channel and give themself the modes and authority that they would need, this brings my thoughts to that of the IRCop guide in the unrealircd wiki ... and the principles of being an operator - more specifically that ircops do not interfere with channel matters

if an operator can change modes [with or without the help of services] and forcefully do all sorts of things - including kicking and banning people from the channel without being inside of it - it is my considered opinion that an IRCop changing modes / joining the channel / telling other people what to do with their channel / inviting themselves etc.... would principally have much less an impact on interacting with people inside the channel, if they could simply send messages to the channel they are not in [e.g. when someone comes up in #help asking about things]

i know that not being on the would-be channel in question is less interactive if you send a message from outside of it, because you would not be able to see what anyone is saying back - but sometimes you don't need people to talk back, and private messages would bridge that gap as well
Steps To Reproduce1. create new channel such that +nt will be applied automatically by the server [along with any other modes people might want to configure using their other networks]
2. while the admin is outside the channel, send /msg #channelname my very easy message just speeds up naming planets [or whatever]
3. get an error about you're not on that channel
Additional Informationi have never used this site to suggest a feature, but i think if someone had this idea then it would have been implemented by now. i definitely also searched for it in a lot of places but [sorry if i missed this, or if this post is in the wrong area] i couldn't find it

if there is already a way to do it without changing the modes of the target channel, then i'm missing a sitting duck

hope this helps
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2023-07-23 19:01

administrator   ~0022975

I remember someone (maybe it was you) bringing it up past year or so, I did not even know we didn't allow it. And then when thinking about it i wondered... what is the use case anyway? :)
Like you say, you send a message to a channel but you cannot see the response. How useful is that? What kind of messages are that then? Do you have some sort of example? It would help.

The person who talked about it turned out to have some kind of bot that was OPER but didn't want the bot in the channel. I suggested using +e ~msgbypass:external:*!*@ if it was only for one or a few channels.

I agree with you that it is less intrusive than, say, SAMODE or MODE the channel to be -n and then talk through it. But wouldn't it be less confusing to just JOIN and talk there? Or do you find that more intrusive as well? Well I suppose you could, different perspectives, I guess.

I wouldn't mind making an operclass thing for it (override::idunnowhat), so I guess I should just accept this, still... i keep wondering about the usecase / usefulness of all this in practice, I can't help it! :D


2023-07-24 22:36

reporter   ~0022979

my network is more like a train set than anything. but this brings me back to the wise words of the oracle: "what do all men with power want? more power!"

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