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0006324unrealircdpublic2023-09-09 10:43
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Summary0006324: Nickname Reclaimed Idea (eg. on loss of connection, reclaim old nick ircd-side automatically)
Descriptionive seen on another customized irc network, they have a feature where if a nick loses connection, and within 2-3 mins comes back, it kills the prior nickname off and then reconnects them as the same nick as they left with

perhaps do the check in the "connection hold phase" and if ip+nick=match kill off old nick to replace with new connection?

an example of this would be:
tenrec ([email protected]) has quit IRC [Killed by irc (Nickname Reclaimed)]
tenrec ([email protected]) has joined #channel

the owner says they check for nick+ip if both match, kill off old nick, rename new nick to old nick, and process the connection as normal

The other reason I am mentioning this can be useful, is not everyone uses "NS ID nick pass" - some only use "NS ID pass" - so if they reconnect as "nick_" instead of "nick" it wont ID back - therefore if the ircd kills off matching nick/ip it will be the same "nick" AND match NS ID for example

I am sure this could be done, perhaps as an option, so it can be enabled/disabled as per ircd owners preference
Just think this would be a useful addition

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