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0006343unrealmodule apipublic2023-10-07 07:32
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Summary0006343: Add HELPOP text via CommandAdd()
DescriptionIt would be helpful to be able to have our helptext directly available in `HELP` outputs when adding a command and being able to list these commands and view their help output with the file-based help outputs as a fallback.

CommandAdd(modinfo->handle, "ELMER", cmd_elmer, 0, CMD_USER, elmer_help);

static char *elmer_help[] = {
    "*** Elmer Help ***",
    "Etc, etc"
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3rd party modules



2023-10-07 07:32

administrator   ~0023050

Yeah this was brought up in 2019 as well. Pegasus and Gottem talked about it and it was mostly about not showing HELPOP text for shipped modules that are not loaded, which then became possible via @if module-loaded() in help.conf and the like... We also briefly touched upon 3rd parties but I don't think there was a clear with no clear result, back then people were still shipping modules .tar.gz's and the module manager was under development (which only deals with .c files at the moment, as you know).

So, yeah, hmmm... i do think there should be some easy way for 3rd party modules to do this though, I agree :)

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