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0006362unrealircdpublic2023-11-25 11:59
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Target Version6.1.3-rc1Fixed in Version6.1.3-rc1 
Summary0006362: Make set::hide-ban-reason default to 'yes'
DescriptionIt is probably a good idea to make this the default, as people may be *LINEd by blacklists that expose the real IP address in like a dronebl url or the like. So setting this to 'yes' by default would be good for privacy.

The set::hide-ban-reason option already exists for many years, but since April 2023 the IRCOps will see the real banned reason in QUITs, so that makes it more acceptable/nicer, I think (thanks to Chris for suggesting that back then).

Any thoughts or objections? :D
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2023-11-22 14:50

administrator   ~0023093

Koragg mentioned (sortof) that a default of 'yes' makes it harder for other users to audit/see why other users are getting glined and such, e.g. possibly promoting more oper abuse. Not sure if that is a perfectly valid reason but i thought about it some more and created a new option that is neither yes nor no, it is called 'auto' and fixes exactly the case that we want but does not do anything 'more' than that.

commit d85ed7a51f9480eb18d4824ceab53410a70dea96 (HEAD -> unreal60_dev, origin/unreal60_dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Bram Matthys <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Nov 22 14:46:52 2023 +0100

    For set::hide-ban-reason add a new option `auto` and make it the default.
    This will hide the *LINE reason to other users if the *LINE contains the
    IP of the user. This to protect the privacy of the user for cases such
    as a KLINE due to a blacklist with a DroneBL URL.
    Other possible settings are `no` (never hide, the previous default) and
    `yes` to always hide the *LINE reason. In all cases the user affected by
    the server ban can still see the reason and IRCOps too.

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