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0006399unrealircdpublic2024-04-20 16:07
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Product Version6.1.1.1 
Summary0006399: Notification from a person attempting to connect to the IRCd where they are banned (gline/zline...)
DescriptionOn UnrealIRCd, every time a /gline or /zline is set, for example *@, and it never expires or is set for 7 days, there should be a system to receive a notification if someone attempts to connect with this IP during that period. For instance:

Snotice: <nick> attempted to connect with the ban '*@' with type 'gline' and reason 'reason'.

In this way, a Node.js bot, for example, would collect all <nick> + <ip> + <type> + <reason>, and ultimately, it would be possible to compare to determine if an IP range is responsible for banning thousands of users per month. This would allow for minimizing this ban or making it more precise to avoid penalizing a large number of innocent users.

I suddenly had this idea while browsing the web panel of UnrealIRCd > Server bans > imagining a column 'Last used by a user'.
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