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0001169unrealircdpublic2004-01-30 00:50
ReporterAirnike Assigned Tocodemastr 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWin32OSWindows XPOS VersionSP1
Product Version3.2-beta17 
Summary0001169: MODE sends with extra space. MODE #lakeserv +rkoooo 2000 airnike4 airnike2 airnike3 airnike 1059944089

An extra space is sent between the key and the first user name.
Steps To Reproduceremove the extra space.
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2003-08-04 21:58

reporter   ~0003407

How do I reproduce this?


2003-08-06 01:38

reporter   ~0003411

Problem: An extra space is sent with the MODE command. This always occurs when a channel setting includes a key or a limit. The space occurs between the parameter including either the key or limit value and the first nickname. MODE #lakeserv + 1060133110 MODE #lakeserv +ntrkoo 2000 newuser airnike 1060133346 MODE #lakeserv +ntrlkoo 2000 2000 newuser airnike 1060133346

This can be reproduced by setting a channel key or limit. When a new user joins the channel, unreal sends the above MODE line.

When 2 or more people are on a channel when UNREAL starts up


2003-08-06 01:41

reporter   ~0003412

For some reason the double space is being stripped from my submissions but it should look like the following MODE #lakeserv +__1060133110 MODE #lakeserv +ntrkoo 2000__newuser airnike 1060133346 MODE #lakeserv +ntrlkoo 2000 2000__newuser airnike 1060133346

the __ = 2 spaces instead of 1


2004-01-18 22:14

reporter   ~0004740

I've just been playing around with this, and I've come to the conclusion I have no idea what you are talking about. _no_ MODE command is sent to a user when they join a channel. So I have no idea what you mean. You're going to need to be more specific on how to reproduce this problem.

-- raw log of a new user joining a channel:
-> JOIN #test
<- :asdf! JOIN :#test
<- 353 asdf = #test :asdf @codemastr
<- 366 asdf #test :End of /NAMES list.

That's all Unreal sends to a user by default (the JOIN, and NAMES replys).

If I then request a "MODE #test" (which most clients do) I get:
-> MODE #test
<- 324 asdf #test +ntl 10
<- 329 asdf #test 1074463785

Again, no MODE commands are received. So unfortunately I have no idea what you are talking about.


2004-01-19 18:08

reporter   ~0004756

Servers receive the extra space, not clients (plus mIRC removes extra spaces).


2004-01-19 20:50

reporter   ~0004757

Ah servers, ok. And yeah mIRC removes the spaces, however that was telnet, and I don't use mIRC anyway.


2004-01-19 22:47

reporter   ~0004758

Actually though, no MODE command should be sent to servers either. Unreal uses the SJOIN command to synch channel modes. Or is this a non-unreal server it is linked to?


2004-01-30 00:50

reporter   ~0004785

Fixed in .2065

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