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0001380unrealdocumentationpublic2004-01-30 03:27
ReporterSarkanyka Assigned Tosyzop  
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Summary0001380: Unreal releases
DescriptionIt's not an Unreal bug, but on there is a news says Unreal-3.2-beta18 (2003.09.23)released, but above there is a box, where you can read that latest version is beta-17 (2003.06.15).
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2003-11-24 12:54

reporter   ~0004089

below downloads beta17 too
below the people beta2


2003-11-25 13:17

reporter   ~0004110

I don't want to open a new bug report so I post it here:

- Made /dns oper-only (the ircd command, not your client /dns command :p).

In documentation:

dns <option> Returns information about the IRC server's DNS cache. Note, since most clients have a built-in DNS command, you will most likely need to use /raw DNS to use this. Opers may specify an l as the first parameter to the command to receive a list of entries in the DNS cache. ------> All


2004-01-30 03:27

administrator   ~0004795

This will be fixed in a few weeks, you'll see ;).

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