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0001440unrealircdpublic2007-04-19 02:47
ReportersECuRE Assigned Tostskeeps 
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PlatformWin32OSWindows XPOS VersionBuild 2600 SP1
Product Version3.2-beta19 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0001440: Client connection Message shows localhost. instead of localhost
Description*** Notice -- Client connecting on port 6667: tw- (tw-@localhost.) [clients]
Steps To ReproduceDo /oper and let a client connect to your server.. ;)
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2003-12-20 14:50

administrator   ~0004389

Yeah I've seen it before.
What does '/quote dns i' show (as an oper)?


2003-12-20 15:36

reporter   ~0004390

[16:39:24] Nameserver list has 1 server(s):
[16:39:24] 0.
[16:39:24] retrans=5 s, retry=4 times
[16:39:24] Default domain name:
[16:39:24] End of info.


2003-12-30 05:02

reporter   ~0004458

Yes, someone with a server linked to our network brought a clone onto the network via his server. All notices to do with it had the host as "localhost." instead of "localhost"


2003-12-30 05:11

administrator   ~0004459

mustapha88: are you on windows too?


2003-12-30 05:53

reporter   ~0004460

The particular server where the "localhost." stuff was occurring on is Windows, yes. I have three *nix servers and two Windows servers.


2003-12-30 05:56

reporter   ~0004461

Out of curiosity, what does the Windows "HOSTS" file (I forget the exact path on XP, something like C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS) say for that IP?


2003-12-30 06:31

reporter   ~0004462

His host file only contains stuff like
(for whatever reason, I don't know)
But nothing for localhost.


2003-12-30 15:21

administrator   ~0004465

codemastr: my guess is this is the 'default subdomain' stuff :p.


2003-12-30 16:15

reporter   ~0004467

Actually, he informs me that he added that "lame" domain to his hosts file to see if connections coming from localhost would say "connecting at".....But, I am not sure. I do have a localhost entry in my hosts file which looks like: localhost
I will grab the Windows version of Unreal off the site and see if I have the "localhost." issue. I am running on Windows 98, so am not sure if that will make a difference.


2003-12-30 17:14

reporter   ~0004468

OK, I did try it on my system. I did /server localhost and it would always say "Unable to resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead"--Something's up, as I've been able to do that before. Does this "localhost." issue occur on *nix?


2003-12-30 19:19

administrator   ~0004470

yes win + local subdomain fun. I'm aware of this for some time now (actually since I did the *NIX resolver -> windows already). I get for example 'localhost.testnet' here.


2005-11-11 05:39

reporter   ~0010705

Out of curiosity, is it possible the new resolver has fixed this?


2006-11-17 03:50

reporter   ~0012683

Imho after 3.2.4 (c-ares resolver) this bug not actual and need to close.

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