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0001486unrealircdpublic2004-01-18 20:27
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Summary0001486: MAXSILENCE too low?
Descriptionas an admin and a channel oper, I often suggest people use /silence on people who annoy users in private messages, but still allowing them to see them in the channel. this is useful so that a user may not be an ass with impunity in the channel b/c you /ignored them.
It also has the advantage that a private message flood from those users will be blocked at the server, never hitting the victim.

My question regards the fact that by default, MAXSILENCE is 5. a) will increasing it break the server protocol (iow, do I have to change all servers over at once to this) b) is there a chance that the default could be upped to 32 or so? MAXWATCH for example is 128.
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2004-01-10 22:32

reporter   ~0004608

Last edited: 2004-01-10 22:33

I do have to agree that the default SILENCE of 5 is a bit low and a default of 32 could be better - but would require more memory allowance per user, yes.

But its worth it imho..

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2004-01-11 00:01

reporter   ~0004609

Yes you can change this pretty easily, no you don't have to change it on all servers. Of course though, only the users on the server with the increased value can take advantage of it. I'm quickly looking at the code, and the way it's implemented, there really doesn't seem to be anything that prevents this from being determined at runtime (i.e. set::max-silences). Also though, the reason watch is so much higher is because most IRC clients out there use watch for their notify list. Many people have very large notify lists. However, I know of very few people who choose /silence over /ignore.


2004-01-11 02:43

reporter   ~0004610

Perhaps you don't know many people using /silence... but it DOES help for people on dialup getting flooded off.
It also is more flexible. at least on my client, /ignore ignores /query and channel messages. /silence is queries only.
I also need to do that so that they can't bother me in /query, but I can still watch them in the channel.
Maybe even /ignore should use /silence internally to stave the flow of messages.


2004-01-11 03:05

reporter   ~0004611

Well, your client's ignore is very different than the one in every client I've ever used (with the exception of Java chats). The reason people prefer /ignore is because it does give you FAR more control. mIRC's for example will allow you to ban just ctcps, just dccs, just channel messages, just queries, just notices, just invites, just those messages containing, colors, etc. Klient supports those as well, as do any other clients I've ever used. That is why a client's internal /ignore list does not use /silence.


2004-01-11 03:15

reporter   ~0004612

I use irssi. and yes, it does let me just ignore CTCP or w/e. but I have not found an option to only ignore private messages or only channel messages.


2004-01-11 03:22

reporter   ~0004613

/ignore mask MSGS

not that hard...
/help levels
/help ignore

.. stil agree with maxsilence being up'd ;p


2004-01-18 20:27

reporter   ~0004735

Added set::silence-limit in .2051

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