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0001524unrealircdpublic2005-01-22 13:55
ReporterCnils Assigned Tocodemastr 
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Product Version3.2-beta19 
Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0001524: Stats for except tkl
DescriptionThere is no way to list the except tkl block.
Any chance of having that added?
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2004-11-24 16:02

reporter   ~0008399

Maybe the except ban block should also be added to the except tkl block too... Not sure how easy it would be, but it would be a little more convinient to have a kline type for except tkl. (kline as in /kline and conf klines... though i dont know who would be dumb enough to add themselves to a ban block)


2004-11-24 17:53

reporter   ~0008400



2004-11-24 18:10

reporter   ~0008401

Basically making except ban as part of the except tkl block.

Instead of:

except ban { mask *@; };
except tkl { mask *@; type { gline; gzline; shun; }; };

It would simply be:

except tkl { mask *@; type { gline; gzline; shun; kline; }; };


2004-11-24 18:13

reporter   ~0008402

Also, since I don't know exactly how you want to impliment this:

Maybe there should be a stats flag for the TKL blocks, and the exceptions should also show up in the proper stats (gline gzline shun)


2004-11-24 19:59

reporter   ~0008404

Uhh, well except ban is not the same thing as as tkl kline exception. First off, the "ban user" blocks are separate from TKL, so they would not be part of that except block. Furthermore, an except ban overrides both ban ip and ban user. So integrating that into TKL just doesn't seem to make sense to me?


2004-11-24 22:07

reporter   ~0008405

Yeah, except tkl{} doesn't have a zline flag, but except ban{} would be both kline and zline...

Back on topic though, probably just merging the except tkl stuff into the existing /stats E/exceptban would work, since I don't know what stats character you could use for it :/ .


2004-11-25 14:40

reporter   ~0008413

[quote]probably just merging the except tkl stuff into the existing /stats E/exceptban[/quote]

That sounds like a good solution.


2004-11-26 09:30

reporter   ~0008415

Would be a good solution, but then there should be made some differences between gline and zline except tkl, otherwise you just see the host, but not for what that except ban is.

Another thing:
Why is except ban listed under /stats k then?

[15:24:41] *** E test@*
[15:24:41] *** k End of /STATS report


2005-01-22 13:55

reporter   ~0008892

Added to /stats E in .235

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