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0001553unrealircdpublic2004-02-16 18:02
ReporterAngryWolf Assigned Tocodemastr 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2-RC1 
Summary0001553: Permanent modules losing command overrides
DescriptionI don't know why I haven't run into this problem yet, but if you have a permanent module at *NIX, you cannot get overrides on dynamically loaded commands to stay after /rehash. This is distressing for me, because I can't find a way to let the module know when all the dynamic modules are loaded, so the command overrides could be readded. Hence, if fe. a hook working similarly to the Mod_Load function could be implemented, it would also be good for every other features requiring to know when the server is 100% ready. Using an event that runs immediately after /rehash is currently a working solution, but not very efficient. Any ideas?
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3rd party modules



2004-02-16 16:07

administrator   ~0005039

that's a correct observation :P. I used a (ugly) workaround too.. prolly a hook that is called after rehash is a good idea.


2004-02-16 16:18

reporter   ~0005040

Yeah HOOKTYPE_REHASH_COMPLETE would solve the problem. I guess I'll add that...


2004-02-16 18:02

reporter   ~0005042

HOOKTYPE_REHASH_COMPLETE (no params) added in .2109

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