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0001561unrealircdpublic2004-02-19 18:17
Reporterlunytune Assigned Tocodemastr 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformsunOSsolarisOS Version2.9
Product Version3.2-RC1 
Summary0001561: configure does not check for PATH_MAX define
DescriptionThe configure script does not check where PATH_MAX is defined in the include files. On Solaris this is defined in <limits.h>. Because limits.h is not included, ircd failes to compile for missing this define in src/modules.c, src/url.c and src/support.c
Steps To Reproduceany configure on a solaris system
Additional Informationshould be easy to fix with a AC_CHECK_HEADERS addition in
This is new to 3.2-RC1 as beta19 did not exhibit this problem
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3rd party modules



2004-02-19 11:51

reporter   ~0005087

Is there a reason why you're saying this should be a ./configure test? It seems to me all that would be needed is to include #include <limits.h> and it will work.


2004-02-19 17:48

reporter   ~0005091

One could just always include limits.h, but not all systems have it. It should be available on all stdc compliant systems. But it might be missing. A check for its existence would seem appropriate to me. Just plainly including it would be a fix for me, but then again it might break the compile for others..


2004-02-19 18:01

reporter   ~0005093

Well we already include limits.h in other files and no one has ever complained about limits.h not being found.


2004-02-19 18:17

reporter   ~0005094

Fixed in .2120

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