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0001604unrealircdpublic2004-03-04 18:10
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Product Version3.2-RC1 
Summary0001604: Hook request
DescriptionI'm requesting a hook which can whitelist a user when joining a channel. Just like HOOKTYPE_PRE_LOCAL_JOIN, but called BEFORE can_join.
Have HOOKTYPE_PRE_LOCAL_JOIN being called BEFORE can_join
Additional InformationThis would be useful for me twice:
- I can implement channelmode +I usermask myself as a module
- I can implement a channelmode +B #channel2 which would work like +L #channel2 but for banned users... also without modifying the source
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3rd party modules



2004-02-28 12:03

reporter   ~0005244

I think the latter is probably the best way to go. Something like instead of return 1/0 you return (HOOK_ALLOW, HOOK_DENY, HOOK_CONTINUE) to either allow the user to join, deny it, or continue checking if other hooks will deny it (or if can_join will deny it).

As for your other things. As of now there is no method for you to implement something like the +I mode.


2004-02-28 13:11

administrator   ~0005246

If we don't break current modules, like 1=allow, 0=deny and -1=continue... (so like the idea of above) then I think it would be a good idea (easy change too).

And yeah, list stuff isn't exactly on my list atm... won't be done anytime soon at least... it's also not something which is often needed, besides +I most list thingies were about bans.. (like realname bans) which can now use the (better) extbans system.


2004-03-04 18:10

reporter   ~0005297

Added in .2158

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