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0001686unrealircdpublic2004-10-03 17:32
ReporterJasonTik Assigned Tocodemastr 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version3.2.2 
Summary0001686: Aliases that message to a channel
DescriptionI think that it should be possible to make aliases that message to a channel rather than a service or person.

/spamreport types of commands
Additional InformationIn my opinion it would be best to have the ability to use aliases, rather than just adding a static command to the ircd
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3rd party modules



2004-03-28 17:11

reporter   ~0005633

Anyone have any opinions on this?


2004-03-28 18:41

reporter   ~0005639

Im not quite sure I understand... :\ can someone "throw me a fricken bone here"?

The only thing I can think of is modules??


2004-03-28 21:56

administrator   ~0005656

codemastr: yeah idea looks ok. Just a small note, I think it would be wise to check for channelmode +n and for any bans [in other words, use can_send()].

Why check for +n? Well.. why would you want +n ("no external messages") set if the channel needs to receive just that.. external messages...
That way ops also have the possibility to temporary shut down the '/cmd blabla' thingy without having to place the chan +m/+M/+b *!*@*/..


2004-03-28 22:34

reporter   ~0005659

Indeed, otherwise it'd provide a nice method to spam/flood without anyone being able to stop you :)

set flood bots to /spamreport jksdhdfsjhdsa

Then +b is useless ;)


2004-04-02 16:56

reporter   ~0005715

I think that it should obey mode +n and mode +b


2004-04-03 06:10

reporter   ~0005718

hmm shold be a nice module but for the official unreal package.... no ;)


2004-04-03 09:06

reporter   ~0005721

Why not?
You dont have to make the config blocks if you dont want to.

Is there already a module?


2004-09-21 23:32

reporter   ~0007755

This would definatly be a great feature for spam report channels, mand maybe it can have some other uses. It should obey +b at least to prevent flooding, but I am not to sure about +n.


2004-09-21 23:33

reporter   ~0007756

It should obey +n so that channel owners can say that they dont want any of it. A new mode would do just as well, but i think thats overkill


2004-09-22 02:01

reporter   ~0007757

Well, I believe there should be no exception to +n. If you want people to be able to report spam to a channel, why not use -n and have people /msg the channel? If there's a flood, use +b on the host, or use +m/+n during floods... remember now, users can't talk while banned on channel :P.


2004-09-22 03:43

reporter   ~0007761

Definately obey channel modes...

Question is, what kind of error message will we say if the message cannot be delivered? "No such channel" "Cannot send to channel (No external messages)" "Cannot send to channel (you need a voice)" or "Cannot send to channel (you are banned)" may be confusing to a user... So:

Channel is empty: No error returned? Or our usual "Services are currently down" which may be confusing? Or maybe just a numeric saying no one received the message?
Channel is +n or +m: I think UnrealIRCd has some "command is disabled" numerics we could use here...
User fails BANCHK_MSG checks (ie matches a +b but not +e - don't forget ~q!): No error? Command disabled? Permission denied? I dunno.

I just think it wouldn't make sense to reference a channel in the error messages... as users may not know the command /spamreport associates with #SpamReports... especially if that channel is +Os so that only ircops see the spam reports. As such, we may need to create new numerics, or a generic error numeric (like we have 304:RPL_TEXT).


2004-09-22 03:49

reporter   ~0007762

I think a general numeric that just says "Cannot send: A negative list affects you". This will be a good idea if some admins want to keep these channel names secret.


2004-09-22 14:08

reporter   ~0007764

ERR_CANNOTDOCOMMAND sounds most logical.


2004-10-03 17:32

reporter   ~0007866

Added in .145

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