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0000017unrealircdpublic2007-04-15 16:32
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Product Version3.2-beta5 
Summary0000017: Listener recode
DescriptionChange listeners to be more memory efficient and stable.
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2006-10-18 00:14

reporter   ~0012501

Last edited: 2006-10-18 00:37

Is this about the listen-block stuff?

If so, may I then suggest to then also allow the use of non-"::ffff:"-style IPv4 addresses on IPv6 compiles? Thus that for example just "" can be specified, like on non-IPv6 compiles...

This would for example fix listening on IPv4 addresses on OpenBSD for an IPv6-compile of UnrealIRCd, as the sysctl setting to allow "::ffff:"-style addresses is not changeable on OpenBSD (gives "Operation not permitted" iirc).

Edit: I just noticed this is a very old report (didn't pay attention to the date or the id...) but it is at the top of the list, no matter what sorting I select... some problem with the bugtracker? Anyway that's why I posted, thought it was a new one :P


2006-10-23 03:28

reporter   ~0012510

this is more likely related to the code that listens/accepts connections from users.
nothing to do with the listen blocks.

and yes, this is quite old, and either has been done already, or has been pushed into 3.3.x


2007-04-15 16:32

reporter   ~0013408

..sometime in 3.2 development

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