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0001733unrealircdpublic2004-04-13 19:33
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Summary0001733: /watch on Unreal3.2-RC2fix does not work
a User asks me today why /watch command isn`t working.
I have test it and ... /watch seems broken on Rc2fix and
latest CVS.

Syntax: WATCH +nick1 +nick2 +nick3 (Add nicknames)
         WATCH -nick (Delete nicknames)
         WATCH (View the watchlist)
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2004-04-13 18:58

reporter   ~0005854

Wrong Category ... please change it to ircd


2004-04-13 19:05

administrator   ~0005855

Hmm.. interresting.


2004-04-13 19:19

reporter   ~0005856

The problem is you don't know how watch works. Doing WATCH doesn't return the watch list. It returns only those users who are online. So if no one on your watch list is online, it returns nothing.

Furthermore, it works perfectly in both RC2fix and current CVS in my tests:

[19:19] <debug incoming> 604 codemastr codemastr n64master 1081898221 :is online
[19:19] <debug incoming> 605 codemastr nickserv * * 1081898225 :is offline
[19:19] <debug incoming> 607 codemastr :End of WATCH L

And that information is exactly correct.


2004-04-13 19:33

administrator   ~0005857

Bogus report.

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