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0001766unrealircdpublic2004-06-01 16:09
Reportermedice Assigned Tocodemastr 
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Summary0001766: sqline case sensitive to a certain point?
Descriptioni was rather surprised when cleaning up the networks sqline-colletion ;) (manually due to an services-software bug *grrrr* ), when i realized, that several sqlines have not been removed (at least they still show up on /stats - haven't tested the ability to use them)

the "...removed Global Q:line..."-notice was sent so the ircds must have got all the string necessary...

finally I found out - it was not "nick" that showed up in /stats but "NiCk" (as example) - tried to remove NiCk finally worked...

Is this case-sensitivity by design - or a bug in dealing with it?
Since nicks are usually not case-sensitive and many users choose some cOOl-miX-It-Up - layouts which will be easily taken by scripts or copy/paste and confuses others ;)
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2004-05-26 22:07

reporter   ~0006444

You seem to be right, though this doesn't seem limited to sqlines. It happens for glines/zlines/etc. as well.


2004-06-01 16:09

reporter   ~0006514

This should be fixed in .43

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