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0001855unrealircdpublic2009-05-29 03:28
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2 
Fixed in Version3.2.8 
Summary0001855: module bug: umode lost on /rehash
DescriptionJust reporting it here before I forget... (I'm already using a flag system on my own since I don't want to require others to upgrade to 3.2cvswhatever).

It's pretty reproducable it seems.. you even see the server setting you -<the mode>

I breaked at HookDel, HookAdd and unload_all_unused_umodes and something went clearly wrong in HookDel (I already forgot). Should be easy to debug this way ;).
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3rd party modules



2004-06-02 00:37

administrator   ~0006543

Obviously this only happens if the module is not permanent ;).


2004-06-02 00:46

reporter   ~0006544

I thought you said, the other day, it worked fine for you?

But what you said doesn't make sense. HookDel? Umodes don't have anything to do with hooks. HookDel should never be called. UmodeDel should be. Or is that what you meant to say?


2004-06-02 10:56

administrator   ~0006545

Yeah UmodeDel.
And my privdeaf module was/is permanent which doesn't have a problem (I thought a few days ago perm mods were also affected, but that was not true ;p).


2007-04-27 05:43

reporter   ~0013835

Bump. Still an issue?


2007-05-07 12:44

administrator   ~0014021

likely, i don't recall any fixing attempt (even though it's the easiest of all subsystems)


2009-05-29 01:24

reporter   ~0015854

Was this fixed with the 3.2.8 changes?

"Modules: user modes and channel modes without parameters (eg: +X) no longer have to be PERManent, this means they can be upgraded/reloaded/unloaded on-the-fly."


2009-05-29 03:28

administrator   ~0015855

Yup :)

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