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0002051unrealircdpublic2004-10-10 23:47
Reportertomcat188hk Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSLinux - RedHatOS VersionRedHat 9 
Product Version3.2.1 
Fixed in Version3.2.2 
Summary0002051: Problems for Chinese nick
DescriptionThere is a problem with chinese nick support in Unreal 3.2.1! It only support very few chinese words, always shows:
Erroneous Nickname: Illegal characters
Is it a bug or something? I think I edited config.h correctly, should be nothing wrong with it.
Additional InformationI am using Chinese Trad.
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2004-09-02 19:30

reporter   ~0007476

None of us know anything about Chinese, there really is nothing we can do for you. The Chinese and Japanese support was added by a user who submitted a patch.

But anyway, my guess is you are using BIG5 glyphs which are NOT supported by Unreal. Unreal only supports GBK.


2004-09-02 23:54

reporter   ~0007477

nah, you are wrong

It doesnt support any GBK Chinese, I tried that.

Is there anyway to make Unreal allows all kind of nick can be used?


2004-09-03 15:51

reporter   ~0007482

For example, "@" and "!"? Ok, let's say, my nick is "a!b@c". If I want to ban you from a #channel, would I type: "/mode #channel +b a!b@c!*@*"? That's one reason why there must be a limitation to what characters can be used in nicknames. At least protocol-specific characters must be excluded.

Unreal follows the same standard about allowed characters in nicknames as what RFC14519 defined. Because that's a standard, IRC clients do the same, and thus any additional characters can break clients.


2004-09-03 20:16

reporter   ~0007484

Well, I know of many people using Unreal with GBK and it seems to work fine for them.


2004-09-04 02:48

reporter   ~0007492

I saw an Unreal server that works fine with BIG5 chinese

perhaps codemastr could get them to send you patch to fix this problem...


2004-09-04 03:29

reporter   ~0007494

tomkat, perhaps you could ask them? When I went there, I couldn't find out where to go (all the channels have topics in Chinese) and I couldn't find anyone that spoke English. My guess is you'd have much better luck talking to them than I would. I'd be glad to add BIG5 support, it sounds like a very useful thing for Chinese users. If they are willing to provide their patch, I'll definately look into adding it, but I don't think I'm capable of asking them for it :)


2004-09-04 04:36

reporter   ~0007504

Sure, not a problem. =)


2004-09-04 17:09

reporter   ~0007524

I asked them to send you an email, hopefully they are going to help you.


2004-09-04 19:11

reporter   ~0007525

Sounds good. I'll let you know when I hear back from them.


2004-09-18 03:21

reporter   ~0007700

Well they never emailed me, so I don't know what to do about this...


2004-10-06 21:51

administrator   ~0007889

I did some research and it seems we should (and intended to) allow 2 ranges:
0x8140 - 0xa0fe (CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH)
0xaa40 - 0xfe4f (CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH)
our code currently failed to fully allow the latest one, it only allows a subset of it, namely 0xb0a1 - 0xf7fe (which seems totally odd ;p, looked at GBK/CP936 codepage and that doesn't make any sense).

As a temporary fix, could you, tomcat188hk, change the following code in src/s_user.c around line 636 from:
    const unsigned int GBK_S = 0xb0a1;
    const unsigned int GBK_E = 0xf7fe;
    const unsigned int GBK_S = 0xaa40;
    const unsigned int GBK_E = 0xfea0;
and run 'make'

And let us know if this solves the problem ;).
[I looked at the GBK codepage, and AFAIK that should solve it :p]


2004-10-07 02:48

reporter   ~0007894

Yeah, I came to a similar conclusion. However, since I know next to nothing about Chinese, I figured I'd wait for someone who does know to respond. But I still haven't received an email from those guys...


2004-10-08 08:22

reporter   ~0007915

Last edited: 2004-10-08 08:34

GBK and BIG5 is complete different standard/orginizing
they have overlaps on code range and many same chars
u can't modify code to have both support for GBK/BIG5, only 1 can be choose
we check it because we don't like invalidate chars.
validate for GBK may be invalidate BIG5, and vesa.

and the current implement of GBK checking is wrong too

const unsigned int GBK_S = 0xb0a1;
const unsigned int GBK_E = 0xf7fe;
AWord >= GBK_S && AWord <= GBK_E

this seems the author of this path trying to limited beyond 0xb1fe 0xb2fe?
no, 0xb1ff 0xb2ff etc. will be validate, yet it shouldn't be
c2 != 0xFF
try //nick $chr($base(b1, 16, 10)) $+ $chr($base(ff, 16, 10)) on mIRC, will get invisible nick

we have to limit on c1 and c2 exactly, not AWord

btw: the JAP part is GBK too, it's not JIS or whatever japanese use, but could be used by some Chinese(for fun)

edited on: 2004-10-08 08:34


2004-10-08 14:14

reporter   ~0007918



2004-10-08 14:31

reporter   ~0007921

Last edited: 2004-10-08 14:40

what i said in previous note is:
one cannot enable both GBK and BIG5, if one do, he will be sorry

ok, here we go the source for GBK only
note, the macro name is renamed to NICK_*

#if defined(NICK_GB2312) || defined(NICK_GBK) || defined(NICK_GBK_JAP) || defined(NICK_BIG5)

int isvalidChinese(const unsigned char c1, const unsigned char c2)
    unsigned int w = (((unsigned int)c1) << 8) | c2;

/* rang of w/c1/c2 (rw never used) */
#define rw(s, e) (w >= ((unsigned int )s) && w <= ((unsigned int )e))
#define r1(s, e) (c1 >= ((unsigned char)s) && c1 <= ((unsigned char)e))
#define r2(s, e) (c2 >= ((unsigned char)s) && c2 <= ((unsigned char)e))
#define e1(e) (c1 == (unsigned char)e)

    /* GBK/1 */
    /* JIS_PIN part 1 */
    if (e1(0xA4) && r2(0xA1, 0xF3)) return 1;
    /* JIS_PIN part 2 */
    if (e1(0xA5) && r2(0xA1, 0xF6)) return 1;
#if defined(NICK_GB2312) || defined(NICK_GBK)
    /* GBK/2 BC with GB2312 */
    if (r2(0xA1, 0xFE))
        /* Block 16-55, ordered by Chinese Spelling(PinYin) 3755 chars */
        if (r1(0xB0, 0xD6)) return 1;
        /* Block 55 is NOT full (w <= 0xd7f9) */
        if (e1(0xD7) && c2 <= (unsigned char)0xF9 /* r2(0xA1, 0xF9)*/) return 1;
        /* Block 56-87 is level 2 chars, ordered by writing 3008 chars */
        if (r1(0xD8, 0xF7)) return 1;

#ifdef NICK_GBK
    /* GBK/3 */
    if (r1(0x81, 0xA0) && r2(0x40, 0xFE)) return 1;
    /* GBK/4 */
    if (r2(0x40, 0xA0) && r1(0xAA, 0xFE)) return 1;

#ifdef NICK_BIG5
    /* check BIG5 here */

    /* all failed */
    return 0;

#undef rw
#undef r1
#undef r2
#undef e1


do_nick_name is recommended to use #ifdef NICK_MULTIBYTE
c1 is already checked in do_nick_name, so BIG5 part(if filled with code) many not work, cos i'm not familiar to the "strict limit" on BIG5, i won't implement it

edited on: 2004-10-08 14:36

edited on: 2004-10-08 14:40

edited on: 2004-10-08 14:40


2004-10-08 15:31

administrator   ~0007923

Last edited: 2004-10-09 03:53

**scratch that.. I'll use a different aproach :p, still... might mail you at some point later, who knows ;p**

edited on: 2004-10-09 03:53


2004-10-10 23:47

administrator   ~0007946

Xuefers fix is now in CVS [.151].

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